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Welcome to my Blog "La Antojería", a place to share my mexican food recipes. This blog is specially thought for those who want to cook authentic Mexican food while living outside of Mexico.


I was born in Querétaro, a beautiful city in the central part of Mexico. A region with a deep culinary tradition, especially of #antojitosmexicanos and #garnachas. Since I was a child, my mother (a professional cook), taught me to differentiate the different flavours of our Mexican cuisine so that I could later recreate the recipes of the things we used to eat at home, on the street, in restaurants, on trips, etc.


Now I live in Berlin, Germany since 2005 and my taste for Mexican food has made me improvise and adapt many of the ingredients that are often difficult to find. 


I am very grateful for your comments but especially if the recipes are useful to you and you can enjoy them.


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