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Carne Tártara

This is kind of a ceviche but with beef minced meat. It inherit the name from the raw meat "Steak Tartar" but this one is actually cooked in Lemon Juice. This dish is very typical to find as a snack, on bars or even at events since it is really easy to make and you eat it cold.


- 1 Kg of Beef minced meat

- 12 Lemons

- 4 Tomatoes

- 1 Big Onion

- 1 Bunch of Coriander

- Serrano chillies (to taste)

- Salt and Pepper (to taste)

- Salted Crackers


1. In a deep bowl, put the meat and serve the juice of 10 Lemons. Move the meat around until it gets wet evenly. Then let cooked in the lemon juice for about an hour in the fridge. If you let it longer, it will get even better.

2. When the meat got a brownish color, you can take it out the fridge.

3. Cut the tomatoes in small pieces and add it to the meat.

4. Cut the onion and the coriander in small pieces and add it to the meat.

5. Cut some chillies (to taste) and add it to the meat. Also add Salt and Pepper to taste and the Juice of the other 2 Lemons.

6. Now move all the ingredients together with the meat and let stand for half and hour in the fridge.

7. Now serve your meat in salt crackers and enjoy!


If you have some Valentina, San Luis or Buffalo sauce, it tastes even better!

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