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Cheese Gorditas

This are a real "antojitos". Gorditas are 'fatty' tortillas filled with cheese or with pulled meat. On top of that, where I come from, you can get this gorditas also filled with different "guisos", which are dishes of different kind. This is going to be a 3 in 1 recipe, since I will give you a recipe for cheese gorditas filled with eggs in pasilla sause and nopales (cactus) in guajillo sauce. You can fill the gorditas pretty much with anything or also eat them just with cheese.

INGREDIENTS: (for 6 or 7 gorditas)

- 1 Onion

- 2 Garlic cloves

- 4 Tomatoes

- 4 eggs

- 2 pasilla chillies

- 2 guajillo chillies

- Gouda cheese (you can also use fresh cheese)

- Coriander

- Nopales (I got them from La Costena)

- 2 cups of tortilla Cornmeal

- Salt

- Oil

NOTE: If you live in Berlin and you don't know where to get some of the ingredients, write me a message!


1. First we need to make the dough for the gorditas. In a deep plate, we poor two cups of cornmeal (be careful it should be corn gone through nixtamalization process) and we mix it with a dash of salt.

2. Slowly, add two cups of warm water while you stir the cornmeal until you get a uniform dough, not too sticky, not too breakable. This can take some time, do it slowly to get it right.

3. Now you have your dough ready, make little balls (depending on how big you want your gorditas, I made 7 out of it) and make a little fountain in the middle, where you will add some cheese.

4. Now close the balls, letting the cheese inside, now press the balls with your hands until you get thick circles.

5. Place the gorditas in a comal (griddle) and let them cook on medium-high temperature.

6. Now in a pot, add water, the tomatoes, garlic and onion, and let cook on high temperature.

7. Carefully open the chillies and remove the seeds.

8. When the tomatoes, onion and garlic are soft and well cooked, take them out of the heat and add the chillies to hydrate them.

9. On a blender, put the half of the tomatoes, onion, garlic and the pasilla chilies and mix all together. You can add salt to taste.

10. Put some oil on a deep pan and let it get hot, once it's hot enough, you can pour the glass of nopales (cactus) on it. I found 'La Costena' nopales, they are precooked and seasoned, that is why we will only add the sauce.

11. Add the sauce from the blender and mix all together, let it cook for about 5-6 minutes.

12. Now on the blender, mix the rest of the tomatoes, onion, garlic and the guajillo chillies. You can add salt to taste.

13. Put oil on a deep pan and when it gets hot, add the four eggs to cook them.

14. Once the scrambled eggs are cooked, add the sauce from the blender, mix all together and let it cook for about 6 minutes.

15. While cooking your guisos, check on your gorditas and turn them around so they get done on both sides. Since they are thick, this may take some time, I let them cook around 12 minutes per side.

16. Once your gorditas are cooked, take them out of the heat and open them by the middle with a knife. Be careful, they will be super hot! then filled them with your pasilla sauce eggs and your guajillo sauce nopales and Enjoy!

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