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Chilaquiles Verdes

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Chilaquiles are one of the most popular foods in Mexico. Usually eaten for breakfast or lunch, they can be red or green, but my favorites are the green ones. This recipe is very simple to prepare and can be done in a very short time. The ingredients I use are those I can get in Berlin (Germany) to recreate the original Mexican dish. LIST OF INGREDIENTS:

- Sunflower oil - Corn tortillas (4 per portion) - One or two eggs (per portion) - Onion - Coriander - Salt - Feta cheese - Fresh cream (Crème fraîche) - Green tomatillo sauce* INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Cut the onion and coriander into small pieces and crumble the feta cheese.

2. Cut the tortillas into small triangles. Pour enough sunflower oil into a frying pan and when it gets hot, fry the tortilla pieces until they are golden brown and crisp enough. CAUTION: Be careful with the oil! If it gets too hot it can burn the tortillas very quickly, they will turn dark and taste like burnt oil.

3. Take the fried tortillas out of the pan and with the help of a napkin, clean the excess oil. Then you can serve them in a deep plate. NOTE: You can also make the tortillas in the oven, I just like them better fried because they are not as dry as in the oven. 4. In a flat pan, fry one or two eggs and in a small pot, simmer the salsa verde for 5 minutes. NOTE: I buy the sauce in a bottle and there are many different brands, I do not have any preference since it is to the taste of each person. Unfortunately it is very difficult to get green tomatillo here in Berlin. Sometimes you can find it in a can and you can prepare the sauce yourself. In another blog entry, I will give a recipe for salsa verde with canned or fresh tomatillos.

5. In the deep plate where you have the fried tortillas, pour generous amount of salsa, add coriander, onion and salt to taste. Add a spoonful of fresh cream and then add crumbled feta cheese to taste. The final touch, is the fried egg on top of your dish. VARIATION WITH MEAT: You can add shredded chicken or shredded roast beef.


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