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Chorizo Sopes

This recipe is a fast one. I remember when I was a student, eating a lot of quesadillas and a lot of sopes. This is a real antojito, fast food and it tastes really good for something that can be made in less than 10 min.


1. Sopes (I found sopes already made from Moctezuma Foods)

2. Beans

3. Gouda Cheese

4. Chorizo


1. Start bei warming the sopes. If you dont find the Moctezuma sopas, you can make them yourself. The tortilla masa has to be prepared the same way than tortillas or gorditas, only here you will make a border at the end of the tortilla. (Tortilla recipe here)

2. Add a spoon of refried beans. I got the ones from La costeña. But if you can put any kind of smashed beans.

3. Add cheese on top and wait until it has melted.

4. Take off the skin of your chorizo.

5. Crumble the chorizo and warm it in a pan until it gets really crunchy.

6. Add it on top of your Sopes and Enjoy!

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