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This is another Version of the tacos dorados. This is an easy recipe for tacos that can be eaten cold and still be delicious. My favourite are chicken Tacos dorados, but in a veggie version, you can do it with potatoes.

LIST OF INGREDIENTS: (for 2 portions)

- Tortillas

- 1 Chicken breast

- Frying oil

- 1/2 Chicken Bouillon cube

- Lettuce

- Creme (Creme Fraiche)

- Fetta Cheese

- Salt & Pepper

- Pico de gallo (here the recipe)

- Salsa (here a recipe)

- Toothpicks*** (just to help cook the taco)


1. Boil the chicken breast with salt and 1/2 Bouillon cube in medium-.high temperature.

2. When the chicken is well cooked, take it out and pulled the chicken breast. Crumble the Fetta cheese and make some pico de gallo (here the recipe).

3. Warm the tortillas until they get soft. A tip for that is to use a bit of oil, but just a bit so they get softer for longer time.

4. Now fill one of the tortillas with pulled chicken and roll them like a small burrito. In the end, use a couple of toothpicks to keep the form of the rolled taco.

5. Pour some oil in a deep frying pan and when it gets really hot, fry your rolled tacos for about 30 seconds. Move them from all sides so they get fried evenly.

6. After they are fried, take them out and clean the excess of oil with a napkin.

6. Remove the toothpicks and now serve your tacos with pico de gallo, cream, cheese and a Salsa.


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