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Handmade Tortillas

There is nothing better than fresh tortillas. The most common in Mexico are the corn tortillas and they come in different colors, depending on the kind of corn they are made of. In many places you can find the Corn flour to make tortillas but be careful, it has to be a special one that has been through the nixtamalization process. The most famous one is called "Maseca" but my friend Justin Ramirez and I, used the "Naturelo" brand, which is actually from Queretaro, my hometown in Mexico.


- 1 Cup of Corn flour

- 1 Cup of warm water

- Salt


1. Pour a cup of corn flour in a bowl and mix with two pinches of salt. Then add a cup of warm water, but do it little by little so that the flour gets evenly mixed.

2. Once the dough is thick, not sticky and not breakable, you are ready to make your tortillas.

3. Start by making little balls, depending on the size of the tortilla you want to make.

4. Put a plastic bag in between the tortilla press (if you own one), otherwise you can use two plates or two pans. Be creative!

5. Put one of the balls in between the plastic and press it. Open the press and see that you got an evenly pressed tortilla.

6. Take your tortilla carefully out from the plastic (which helps the dough not to stick on the press) and put it on a Comal (Griddle) on medium-high temperature.

6. Let the tortilla cook from one side for about 60-80 seconds and then turn it around so it cooks from the other side too. If you get the right temperature, when the tortilla gets cooked, it will inflate, and then you can take it out.

This entry was another collaboration from my friend Justin Ramirez. Thanks and enjoy your tortillas!

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