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This is a beer mexican cocktail. Weather you hate it or you love it! Of course it has chilli like many things in mexico but it is really fresh and tasty. Where I come from, we call this recipe michelada, in Mexico City it would be a "Chelada" and in some other places a "Cubana" or "Cielo Rojo". The difference is all about the salsas. Here my recipe:


- Beer(preferable lager)

- 2 Lemons

- Maggie sauce

- Tabasco sauce

- Tajin chilli powder

- Ice cubes


1. Poor some Tajin chilli powder on a plate.

2. Add some lemon to the border top of the glass and frost it with the tajin chillie powder.

3. Add some ice cubes to your glass.

4. Add 2cl of lemon juice.

5. Add 2cl of Maggie sauce and 2 drops of tabasco sauce (to taste).

6. Serve your beer on the glass and add some Tajin chilli powder on the top.

7. Mix your drink and enjoy your Michelada!!

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