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Tacos de Carnitas

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

This entry is a collaboration of my friend Justin Ramirez. He shared this recipe with me so I can show it in the blog. Carnitas are a typical meal from a state called Michoacan at the pacific coast in Mexico. They literally mean "little meats" and are made of pork. This is an ellaborated recipe, easy to make but it takes time, so be sure you have 3-4 hours to make them. Be patient, believe me, they are delicious! LIST OF INGREDIENTS: (for 1 Kg Cartinas)

- 500g of Ham Goulash meat (you can also use shoulder) - 500g of pork belly meat - 1 500ml coke - Fresh Thyme

- 3 cloves of garlic - 1 Lemon - Salt & Pepper - 2x 250g Bars of Lard - Bay leaves (Laurel) - Tortillas - Pico de gallo (here the recipe) - Salsa asada (here the recipe) INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Wash and dry the Ham Goulash to avoid the excess of water.

2. Make some "/" cuts at the hard part of the pork belly. Then cut them in small pieces.

3. Put all the meat in a bowl and mix with two spoons of salt.

4. Put the two bars of lard in a big pot and let them melt on medium fire.

5. Once the lard is liquid and hot, add the garlic cloves and the meat and let cook on medium-high fire for about 30 min. CAUTION: Check the meat every five minutes to be sure that the temperature is not so high cause it can burn the meat.

6. Turn the meat around so that it gets brown on the other side too and cook for 30 more minutes.

7. When the meat has a golden color, add the bay leaves, the lemon juice and the fresh Thyme. Also add 400ml of coke and the lemon too. Now leave everything cook for one more hour checking and turning the meat once in a while so it cooks evenly.

8. When they are cooked, they should have a golden brown color. You can take them out and cut them in small pieces with the knife or pull the meat with your fingers but BE CAREFUL! they will be very hot!

9. Warm your tortillas and serve your carnitas in tacos. Add pico de gallo and a salsa and voila! You can also have Chiles en Vinagre and Avocado with them.

Thanks again to Justin Ramirez for this great recipe. Enjoy!

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