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Tacos dorados

Another kind of tacos, this time, fried tacos! this is an easy recipe for tacos that can be eaten cold and still be delicious. My favourite are chicken Tacos dorados, but in a veggie version, you can do it with carrots and potatoes. Here the recipe!

LIST OF INGREDIENTS: (for 2 portions)

- Tortillas

- 1 Chicken breast

- Frying oil

- 1/2 Chicken Bouillon cube

- Lettuce

- Creme (Creme Fraiche)

- Fetta Cheese

- Salt & Pepper

- Pico de gallo (here the recipe)

- Salsa (here a recipe)


1. Boil the chicken breast with salt and 1/2 Bouillon cube in medium-.high temperature.

2. When the chicken is well cooked, take it out and pulled the chicken breast. Crumble the Fetta cheese and make some pico de gallo (here the recipe).

3. In a deep pan, put enough frying oil and put it on medium-high temperature. When it gets hot, fill a tortilla with chicken, roll it by the half and put it to fry in the pan. CAUTION: the oil can get very hot, you can add some grain salt to it so it doesn't jumps when you add the tacos. Check that your tacos get fried in both sides and get crunchy but be careful, they should not get burned.

4. Take them out and take away the excess of oil with a Napkin. Then in a plate, serve a bed of Lettuce and add creme, pico de gallo, cheese and salsa to your tacos.


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