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Tortilla Soup

A delicious soup with many versions. In some places is called, sopa azteca, sopa tarasca o caldo tlalpeño. They differentiate each other in one or two ingredients but they share the same basis. This one is the tortilla soup in a vegetarian version, if you want to put some meat, I recommend you to add pulled chicken. This is a recipe for 4 portions.


If you live in Berlin and want to know where do I get the ingredients, write me a message!

- 1 Liter of Chicken Broth

- 2 Onions

- 2 Garlic cloves

- 1 Lemon

- 1 Avocado

- 4 Tomatoes

- 8 Tortillas

- 2 Chiles Anchos

- 1 Chile pasilla

- Cream (Creme Fraiche)

- Salt & Pepper

- Coriander

- Fetta Cheese

- 2 Spoons of Epazote

- Oil


1. Cut the tortillas in thin strips.

2. In a deep pan, heat some oil and fry the tortillas when it gets very hot. NOTE: add some grain salt to the oil so it wont jump when you add the tortillas.

3. When they get a golden color, take them out and with a napkin remove the excess of oil.

4. Put the tomatoes, one onion and garlic in a pot in hot water and let them cook on medium-high temperature.

5. Open the Ancho chilies and the pasilla chilli and remove the seeds.

6. When the tomatoe, garlic and onion are soft and well cooked, take them out of the heat and let them cool. Put the chillies in the hot water to hydrate them.

7. After 5 minutes, the chillies should be soft. Take the chilli pasilla out and cut it in small rings. Then in a pan with a bit of oil, cook them for a minute.

8. In a big pot, serve the liter of chicken broth and let cook on medium-high temperature.

9. In a blender, mix the tomatoes, onion, garlic and ancho chilies together with the water they were boiled. Add salt and Pepper to taste.

10. When the broth starts boiling, serve the salsa from the blender with a sieve. You can use a spoon to let the liquid pass through.

11. Stir to mix the salsa and the broth, add the epazote spoons and let cook for 15 min on medium temperature.

12. Now crumble the fetta cheese, cut the coriander and the onion, slice the lemon and the avocado and you have your toppings ready!

13. Serve your soup in a deep plate, add the tortillas, onion, chillies, avocado, cream, cheese and coriander. Add lemon juice to make it tastier.


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